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Where have I been

I have been neglecting things here.   Yes I've been on that evil place called facebook but I'm not really in love with that either.

Work has been crazy busy for me!  I've been working on a large number of projects in the office and things are winding down on all of them.  There are still a few loose ends on them and things to finish up but nothing supper crazy.   With all these projects though I am behind on some of the day to day stuff but that is almost caught up now as well.   With all these things going on I've become one big ball of stress and I think I am going to explode.   I've yelled at some co-workers lately (they did deserve it) and I've made a few people nervous that I was going to loose it on them but that too has passed.   But there is light at the end of the tunnel and it is close!   I am leaving on vacation come Saturday and it is a vacation type that I have not done for some time.  It is a vacation with nothing planned while we are traveling.   Husband and I are flying to Fort Lauderdale come Saturday.   We have almost no plans this trip which makes me excited.   Fly in, stay a few days, drive down to Key West for a couple of days, drive back, fly home.   thats it!  No events, no family, will see some friends but nothing planned, yeah!!!! 

I'm removing my work email from the phone (at bosses direction) maybe answer calls if I feel like it.....  

I plan to come back relaxed and ready to start in with what I have a feeling is going to be a VERY busy second half of the year.   I'll know more when I get back.  



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