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Have you ever committed yourself to a project thinking well yes it will keep me busy and it should really only be about x hours a month followed by a couple days of  Y hours for the event?   Well I did that and have since realized that really the comitment has become 3X hours each month and what has felxt like 10Y hours for the event (but was really more like 2Y).   I'm not complaining it has just been a fact.   The last 2 months with all the work on Folsom Street Events has been a strain on my relationship and on work life ballance.  Today is the last of the work days (clean up) and it will get better from here for some time.   I've been glad to do this and have some new ideas for next year to help ballance things out... I've had a great time learning things, making new friends, and trying to laugh my way through it. 

For those of you in the San Francisco Area that skipped the fair yesterday becuase you thought the weather sucked....  well you missed it!  After the drizzle pre-fair it warmed up and the sun came out.  I would say the weather was perfect....

I'm off to go unload trucks and put things away for next year....   Then I have an appt for a well needed massage at Kabuki Springs today.


Well I've been checked out of life for a week now and have loved it.   The husband and I have been on vacation all week.   We left town last week to come down to South Florida for some complete downtime and that is what we have done.    We flew in last Saturday and started in Fort Lauderdale.   Had a good time doing nothing much.... beach, pool, drink, repeat.  From there we went down to Key West for a couple of days for more of the same  pool drink repeat with a few extra activities thrown in.   We came back to Fort Lauderdale to do more of the same. and getting ready to fly home tomorrow.  I'm not going back to work till Tuesday so I will have a chance to catch up on life and the laundry and such, but this has been just what I needed.   The only downfall on the trip has been my friend that lives here in Ft Lauderdale, he feels like he has to be tour guide and get us to things on his schedule etc.   I've told him a number of times to stop I just want to do nothing (which we have) but it will be ok.

till next week.  I have not missed life for the last week

Where have I been

I have been neglecting things here.   Yes I've been on that evil place called facebook but I'm not really in love with that either.

Work has been crazy busy for me!  I've been working on a large number of projects in the office and things are winding down on all of them.  There are still a few loose ends on them and things to finish up but nothing supper crazy.   With all these projects though I am behind on some of the day to day stuff but that is almost caught up now as well.   With all these things going on I've become one big ball of stress and I think I am going to explode.   I've yelled at some co-workers lately (they did deserve it) and I've made a few people nervous that I was going to loose it on them but that too has passed.   But there is light at the end of the tunnel and it is close!   I am leaving on vacation come Saturday and it is a vacation type that I have not done for some time.  It is a vacation with nothing planned while we are traveling.   Husband and I are flying to Fort Lauderdale come Saturday.   We have almost no plans this trip which makes me excited.   Fly in, stay a few days, drive down to Key West for a couple of days, drive back, fly home.   thats it!  No events, no family, will see some friends but nothing planned, yeah!!!! 

I'm removing my work email from the phone (at bosses direction) maybe answer calls if I feel like it.....  

I plan to come back relaxed and ready to start in with what I have a feeling is going to be a VERY busy second half of the year.   I'll know more when I get back.  

Catch up

So life has been crazy lately. Work has more projects than I can shake a stick at but I have a job so that is good. Life at home is good too so can not complain. The best thing I can say is that we have actually booked a vacation that does not revolve around an event. We are off to Florida the first week of June to see what we can see and to enjoy. I am really looking forward to this. I know it will be hot and humid but that should make the husband happy and I will survive.

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What is the world coming to?

Oh well I have joined the cult.    My work phone has been giving me issues lately and so since I have had it for some time now work ordered a new one.  I had a feeling I knew what was coming but I had to wait till it hit my desk and of course it did at 5:30 tonight.   What was it?  An iPhone 3G.   Its not a bad thing now to learn how to use it and figure out how to get it set up with the work email....



where are things going this year?   Life has been busy for me.  Work is good if not a little crazy....   Outside of work is good as well.  Enjoyed last weekend in Seattle, was fun to see a number of people there, celebrating a friends anniversary  weekend, drinks dinners and fun.  Love the things we all remember and those moments that I don't.  

This weekend is going well.  Voting for the Imperial Court went well from early reports.  Lots of people voting which is always good.   Now for a nice quiet night at home before going out tomorrow for Mitch's Birthday followed by a week of Imperial events.  Another long week bu all will be good.

so far in the woods it is not even funny

I have been trying to be better about posting things here but have just been beat.  Work is nuts with tons of projects and most of them involve my job.  As well there are a few other outside commitments that are are all going on at the same time.   I have been reading though and responding to people, it has been a nice quick mental break through out the day to check in here.  Just not as much time to write. 

More to come.
So Wednesday morning I knew it was going to be one of those days and it just continued down hill.

I left the house later than I wanted to
I realized I left my keys in the house when I left (at least the husband had his)
the MUNI ride took twice as long as it should have yes I know it was MUNI
I went to Kaiser for tests and too pick up a prescription I had ordered a refill for
  • Went to test first since line was longer and figured it would only get worse (they were quick)
  • However when trying to urinate in the little container for their test I ended up going all over my shirt too (fun wet shirt for the morning)
  • Went to go to the pharmacy that originally had no line now the line is out the door.
  • Get to the counter - no the system did not register my reorder so the prescription was not ready
Go to Meeting with all our Hotel General Managers presentation goes ok but was behind schedule since everything else went long - of course I was the only presentation between them going to lunch so they didn't really want to listen. oh well
Stay listen to next presentation
finally make it to office at 2:30
get inundated with misc crap
Finally leave after 6 go work out....

It got better but was just a long day........


Why do silly things like folding the laundry set me off?   Sometimes the silliest things end up pissing me off and getting me to jump on other people.  I don't know why I really wish I did.   I'm sorry for the things I said but at the same time I am not.  It is not like I said any thing that I really don't think, it is just the little things that set me off some days.     Well that and the cats chasing each other jumping and pouncing may have made me pounce!

old bridges

I do my best not to burn bridges in life particularly in the world of work.  I've only really done it once and even then it didn't work the way it was expected to.   They asked me to come back about a year later in a new and improved roll which I am glad I did not but it was an idea.   So today I was thrown a loop from the past.  

I had meetings this afternoon with a vendor and it was a number of people from their team, most of them I had met previously, a couple I had not but had met them via phone.  One person threw me for a loop today.  I had met her via the phone on a couple of occasions and I thought the voice was familiar but I couldn't place it and thought oh well no big deal.  Well today in the meeting there is this woman that I am meeting and I am trying now to place the name as well as the voice but could not.  So we sat through meetings and moved on to the social time of cocktails followed by dinner.   So it was time to ask, "where were you working before here?"  Well I worked here, no that was not it, well with this company - ding 1 point.  Where?  Southern California - ding 2 points.  Where?  Oh here - ding ding ding we have a winner.  I worked with this person 21 years ago.  It was fun we laughed about things we had both forgotten, got laughs from my coworkers who were shocked as were hers.....  

Its why I am glad to not burn bridges.